Time to Start A Pension.

The earlier you start a pension, the easier it will be to make sure you have a fund equipped to provide you with a comfortable retirement. There are so many options available to you though it is hard to know where to start.

At Malone Insurances we are dedicated to providing you with the best advice suitable to you. We can target what income you need in retirement and tell you what you need to contribute each month to reach your retirement goal.


Starting a Pension

The main types of pensions are:

    1. Personal Pension Plan.
    2. PRSA (Personal Retirement Savings Account).
    3. Company Pension.
    4. Self Directed Pension.

Have you got a pension from a previous job and you cannot access it? We can get access to the funds and talk you through your options.


Reasons why you need to take out a pension

  • The State Pension is currently €230.30 per week (€11,975.60 per annum). Would you and your family be able to live on this amount per year?
  • Tax Relief on your premiums. You are allowed to receive tax relief on the contributions you make into your pension plan. This means that as you contribute to the pension, the value of your contribution is enhanced by the tax you would ordinarily pay on your earnings. This is a great benefit!
  • Investment Options. As you contribute to your pension plan, we can make sure that we invest your fund in a suitable place for you. Depending on your attitude to risk and investing we can put your money where you are comfortable with
  • Retirement Options. When you reach retirement, you will have a range of options available to you. They include your tax free lump sum, your ability to have an annual income in retirement and your ability to re-invest your fund. These will depend on the type of pension you have.


Our Promise

Malone Insurances, Qualified Financial Advisors are committed to providing excellent customer service to you at all times from the moment you meet with us to discuss your Pension Plan, throughout the time you're with us.

Pension Advice is critical to your retirement plans. Get Pension Advice today.